When you refer your patient to Good Shepherd Hospice, you can trust us to surround that patient with a highly skilled team of hospice professionals. The team will work together, and certainly with you if you wish, to develop a care plan for your patient.

Every patient situation is unique, so we start with your diagnosis and referral as we meet with the patient and caregiver(s) to hear their desires. Once everyone is on the same page, we craft a care plan that is very specific in addressing the stated goal of the patient and family.

Remember, any physician who wishes to remain the attending is greatly appreciated. Our physicians work with you to make sure that your connection to your physician remains intact.

Good Shepherd Hospice, now over 25-years-old, has been a leader in setting the standards of hospice care for the Western Carolina region. You can be confident that your patient will not only be served by a clinical team but will have their spiritual and emotional needs addressed through our chaplains, social workers and bereavement counselors, all recognized as some of the best at what they do.

Upon referral, your patient will be given a team of our hospice-trained professionals made up of a:

  • Hospice Physician

  • Nurse Practitioner

  • Registered Nurse

  • Licensed Practical Nurse

  • CNA

  • Social Worker

  • Chaplain

  • Bereavement Counselors

  • Assistance from a trained volunteer

This team of professional play a part in the care plan for your patient and work together to always meet every need with 5-Star level service.

If there is ever a time when the needs of the patient require an adjustment to the plan, our team members will respond in a timely manner. Your Good Shepherd Hospice team is a 24/7/365, working together to always deliver 5-Star service to those who put their trust in us.